Shaftless screw conveyor for dewatered sludge after belt press

Water & waste treatment industries

Shaftless screw is designed specially for conveying semi solid watery material, like sludge after filter press, belt press, paper pulp, animal waste etc. particularly in the water and waste treatment plant.

In this application, we install 3 nos of shaftless screw conveyor to replace the existing belt conveyor used for conveying the semi solid sludge after the belt press to homogenizer mixer. Before our replacement, customer faces a lot of problem concerning material spillage on the floor, belt conveyor jamming, corrosion on the equipment and steel structure, downtime due to repair and maintenance.

Our supply includes;

  • Shaftless screw conveyor DN320mm x 12m length, under belt press, capacity 10m3/hr
  • Shaftless screw conveyor DN350mm x 6m length, inclined at about 30 degree

Construction in full stainless steeel SS304 material.

Water and waste treatment


Problem like those mentioned above were eliminated especially the area around the belt press are much cleaner and hygienic. Significantly less down time due to repair and maintenance, increase in productivity and staff moral.

  • Eliminate material spillage and water overflowing due to open belt conveyor
  • Fully enclosed Clean and hygiene, no water overflow during washing.
  • low maintenance, more efficiency
  • Improve Safety, moving parts all enclosed
  • Reduce bad smell