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Key Features of Fuji Robotic Palletizers

The Fuji Model EC-201 Robotic Palletizer is the most popular robot in the Fuji family and is the product of thousands of hours of design time. With a payload capacity of 200kg and capacities exceeding 20 cycles per minute, this robot delivers high speed and reliability unmatched in the industry.

  • User friendly software
  • Unique linear track design specifically for palletizing
  • Custom designed end effectors for a wide range of applications
  • Specialization available for bags, cases, pails, drums and bottling applications
  • Up to 26 cycles/ minute
  • 75% more energy efficient than leading competitor
  • Over 13,000 installations

Our robots come standard-equipped with highly advanced robotic palletizing software to provide precise control of the robot’s every movement. Complete with detailed graphics and easy navigation tools, the software provides quick access to various product patterns that can be easily selected without specialist training.

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What are their benefits

Product Changeovers

Conventional palletizers, while supplying speed and throughput, do not offer the flexibility of a robotic palletizer. Frequent product changeovers in conventional palletizers can mean a lot of downtime. With robotic palletizers, end of arm tooling can be custom designed to handle a variety of product sizes and shapes or be quickly changed to accommodate new requirements. Robots also allow for increased productivity and profit margin because they can complete tasks faster and more accurately.

Hazardous environment

Robots eliminate dangerous jobs for humans because they are capable of working in hazardous environments.  They can handle lifting heavy loads, toxic substances, and repetitive tasks.  This has helped companies to prevent many accidents, also saving time and money.

Product Damage

Another issue with conventional palletizers is they are not very delicate with the product and many times they will damage cases, this is especially true with lightweight packaging. Downstream stretch wrappers can be easily integrated with a single or multiple cell palletizing system so that pallets leaving the palletizing conveyor will stay straight and tight.

Mixed Load/SKU Pallets

Conventional palletizers usually are only capable of handling homogeneous product. Robotic palletizers can work with a number of infeed conveyors and place different layers of product onto a pallet and can even make a mixed layer pallet. Robots can be equipped with vision integration options including 3D vision that allow for picking randomly placed cases and placing them in a specific orientation on a pallet.


Lastly, robots are extremely reliable and the technologies that come with robotics offer even further flexibly. Recent developments in the robotics technology has made robots more user friendly, intelligent, and most importantly affordable, you might be surprised by the total robotic palletizer cost and affordability.