Mini Doypack Preformed Bag Machine

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Mini doypack preformed bag filling machine is specially developed for food product packaging, suitable for various types of product such as candies, nuts, cereal mix, condiments, sugar granules, coffee powder etc. and even paste and liquid. It is targeted to replace manual weighing and bag filling operation with just one simple and easy to operate machine which does “3 in 1” functions, automatic weighing, filling and sealing. Speed up to 15bags/min.

Mini doypack machine can be incorporated with different weighing devices, like Auger filler for powder material, linear vibrating feeder for granular material, liquid pump or multi head weigher for snack food. It can be adapted to handle a wide variety of preformed bags like Stand up pouch, Zipper pouch, gusseted pouch, box pouch, flat 3 side sealed bags etc.


  • “3 in 1” automatic weigh, fill and seal
  • Using customer existing preformed bags
  • Excellent for small production batches and frequent type change
  • Comply with food hygiene and safety requirement
  • High weighing accuracy, increase productivity
  • Low cost automation
  • Simple to operate, easy to maintain
1a Miniweigh MDP
1g multihead weigher
1c vacuum cups to open bag
1h stand up zipper pouch bag