Milk Powder Can / Container Filling Machine

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Milk powder filling machine is specially designed and developed for filling milk powder or food powders in general, into various forms of containers in metal can, plastic container, glass bottle etc. It is fabricated in full stainless steel according to food hygiene standard. Powder is filled using high precision servo controlled auger and the content weight is counter check by weighing, any over or under weight containers are ejected. We can incorporate with other machine like empty can infeed and container capping or sealing machine to form a complete powder can filling production line. Available in automatic single, double or triple filling head, depending on the capacity required.

Main benefits

  • Reliable PLC control with precision servo controlled auger metering system to ensure high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Safety & Hygienic, removable safety glass cover, dust-proof. Full stainless steel SUS304 meets GMP requirement.
  • Easy to adjust the height of auger filler with no tools required. Safety limit switch at hazard area.
  • Easy to clean, quick-open filler hopper and open filling platform for easy access and cleaning.




Container Sample

2a AFS-130