Check weigher and Metal detectors

High speed Check weigher
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Ensuring your product is within weight tolerances.

Check weighers are used in many packaging applications where each product is validated and anything that is over/under weight is rejected. Customer-specific configuration including height, width, length, location of the weighing terminal and construction materials. Our hardworking checkweigher scales deliver fast, efficient and accurate check weighing in even the most challenging of production lines.


Model DKL-250 DKL-300  DKL-350
Weight range 5g-1500g 5g-3kg/5kg 5g-3kg/5kg
Accuracy ±0.5g ±1g ±1g
Minimum scale 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g
Max Speed 100pcs/min 80pcs/min 80pcs/min
Weighing belt L  400mm 500mm 600mm
Weighing belt W ≤250mm ≤300mm ≤350mm
Product width ≤250mm ≤300mm ≤350mm
Product length  ≤250mm ≤300mm ≤350mm
Check weigher and metal dectectors
Check weigher and metal dectectors

Metal Detector

Uncompromising Food & Health Safety

Our Metal detectors utilize sophisticated technology to provide advanced metal detection solutions, capable of detecting all metal types including ferrous, non-ferrous (such as aluminum and brass) and even difficult to detect stainless steel. They are designed for integration with product transport systems such as conveyors and are suitable for inspecting bulk, loose, or packed products, either in-process or at the end of the line.

Metal detectors can be installed at all critical control points (CCP) of your production processes. This enables your business to comply with HACCP requirements and the broader needs of external food safety regulations and standards.

metal Detector
Metal Detector 2