Batching systems

Produce faster, with consistent quality, in an ever-changing environment
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The Smart features of our batching control system controls and adjust the required quantity of each batch ingredient, in real-time during the batch execution. Working in synchronizations with the raw material feeders for fast, slow and dribble feed, the batch mix is automatically fine-tuned during the process for precise accuracy and repeatability.

All parameters such as local material properties, density, rate of discharge together tie in with high precision weighing load cell and smart electronic controls to smart-batch your mixes. The end result is consistent quality every time. The batch flexibility is controlled at the mix design level. Mix designers retain full control of the recipe and security with multi-level password.

Real-time, interactive animated graphics give an instant overview of the batching process. Batch operators can execute locally or remotely. Process sequences can accommodate multi-batch in fully auto, semi-auto and maintenance mode manual operate instrumentation and controls.