Key Strength

With over 25years of experience working across various Industries, we understand your exact needs and challenges. What sets us apart from the competition is the high level of customer service and responsiveness in providing a truly effective solution.

3D design technology

3D design technology

Using of Innovative intelligent 3D design software enabled us to produce system solutions or components parts with significantly better accuracy and improved designs quality. Engineers are now able to visualise and analyse various options in a relatively inexpensively way before those parts are put into production. Thus, the high cost of fixing design mistakes and problems on job site during installation can be virtually eliminated, saving time and money.

Design and build machine

Design & Built machine

We have invested significant R & D into designing and fabricating our own proprietary machine with the experience that we have accumulated from various job applications. Most of the equipment and systems that we design and manufacture have been developed in the context of trying to meet our clients’ specific application demands and challenges for reliability, simplicity and performance. Our customised solutions improve performance, optimise costs and ensure safety throughout the lifecycle of your plant operation.

Quanlity Assurance

Quality Assurance

We demand that our staff think differently. By harnessing the power of the latest technology in design thinking, product aesthetic, human user friendliness concept, sustainable production or simply paying attention to small details to formulate an optimal solution for the customer needs. The systems or machine must not only be well engineered and accurately fabricated but should also look good, easy to use and safe to the operator and environment. Whether the project is a component, a turn-key system, or site services, we strive for complete customer satisfaction.