Grout and Tile adhesive premix

Building & Construction

Design & supply complete set of dry premix plant equipment, consisting of 8 x 50ton silo, 8 x screw feeders batching system, 2ton capacity plougshare mixer and computerised batching control system. Include big bag unlaoding system for 4 different grade of sand using dense phase pneumatic conveying system to convey into the storage silos.

This plant produces a wide variety of premix grout and tile adhesives.



This premix plant was installed in 1997 and it is still running production today. The dense phase pneumatic conveying system for sand has proven to be very reliable and low in maintenance as compared to mechanical conveying system.

1. Fully automatic batching control system ensure consistent quality control
2. Dense phase pneumatic conveying system for conveying bagged sand ensure no  cross contamination between different grade of sand as compared to the traditional mechanical bucket elevator.
3. Totally enclosed batching system reduce dust pollution problem.
4. Efficient and reliable ploughshare mixer ensure high mix quality in every batch.