Air Packer for dry mortar pre-mix

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Air packer is specially designed and built to fill dry mortar premix which contains majority fine sand, cement and other additive powders. Due to it has abrasive nature of the product, the air packer is designed without any mechanical moving parts inside. It uses pressurised air fluidised bed principle to aerate the material and force the material into the paper bags.

The bagging system comprising three units air packer, belt conveyor and dust collector. Bagging capacity is currently approx 20tons/hr, with possibility to increase up to 30ton/hr. The bag filling is operation is controlled by PLC, with two stage pinch valve to control the flow rate of the material into the bag. High output and accuracy within +/- 0.5 to 1% error.

Air packer machine
Air packer machine
Air packer machine
Air packer


Air chamber designed for high wear & tear, fluid bottom equipped with multiple air inlet for smoother material flow and no blockage during filling.

  • Check for empty bag before filling
  • Auto start fill after bag check
  • Two stage material flow control and precise stopping
  • High accuracy and high output
  • Auto bag ejector after filling